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April 27, 1953.

My Own Dearest Har – Monday Morning VERY Early 

Hi babe! How are you? Hope you are taking good care of yourself – eating and sleeping good, etc. Many thanks for your letter I just received – I’ve been going around in circles waiting for a letter from you –  I just got out my swimsuit and was going to swim back to see what was up (or down). The children, I think are just about settling down now – I really was having a miserable time at first they were so out of adjustment. It was a crime. Now my brother and sister– bless’em– are just wonderful – they play with them and take them to the playground. Poor Jackie they wear him to a frazzle all day they wait for them both to come home from work & when they finally do, oh boy are they all over them! 

Last Saturday the 25th was the Twin’s birthday and on Sunday (yesterday) we had a real “Do” a combination “Welcome Home”– my birthday and their birthday– and don’t ask what a time we had. I feel so relaxed here, no aggravation, no rushing, only worries are about you and waiting for a mail dear!! 

By the way that flannel shirt fits Jack like it was tailored for him– when I get home– any shirts you don’t want I’ll send him. Clothing here is very high and I’ve positively said they are not to buy the children any  clothes and anyway they are pretty drab in comparison to what they have – everything good is exported. 

Lil Ailene wants to know why everyone stares at us when we are out – she can’t understand why!! Their clothes are real jazzy in comparison to the others. Now, how would you like to have a real English Tailored sport jacket (they call them blazers) its navy […] with these outside stitched pockets and silver sport buttons– either plain back or two slits!! 

My brother has one and its really super– he wears it with grey pants & wow!! I would love you to have one & was going to buy it but thought I’d better consult you first– just in case– they are lovely Har really. I think you take a 38 don’t you? Just measure across the back of one of your jackets for safety and send me the measurements– don’t delay now!! 

I received two letters from Lollie and I’m going to try to answer them today– you know we’ve had the most glorious weather since I’ve been here – even been out without coats its been so warm and sunny  – but today its raining, cold and miserable. 

Lollie tells me you painted the bathroom – you dear boy you – what housework are you doing dear? Don’t worry about it – leave all the heavy work for me when I get home (and save your energy– you’ll need it). Just hope we don’t get seasick on the way back  – the kids are now looking wonderful – never saw them look so good before. Their cheeks are as rosy as ripe apples and they look extremely healthy. Took pictures and am having them developed – send them to you when I get’em. Don’t forget to send the ones at the dock now. Well dear take good care of yourself for us – we’re all fine now, big hugs and kisses from us all – and we love you madly. Write soon now & I’ll try to write every day now that we are all settled. 

All our love, 

Ailene, Cheryl, Sandy 


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