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April 27, 1945.

April 27, 1945

Dear Mother Dad + Ele,

I’m really slipping up on writing home even when I do have the time. Sometimes that is not much of it to spare, in the past few days I have been very busy, so have we all.

With the war going as it is we are living mobile to bring up the rear and still keep operating which is our main objective. Today it rained but until now we have had beautiful weather. I’m writing on a beautiful white bead that my clothes are splashing with mud and I getting the bed all dirty – if the woman “bitches” I’ll just tell her “C’est Le Guerre”. I have the radio along side me and am waiting for the news. The [unreadable] can’t understand why I wont let him on the bed, he full of mud. He’s been playing in the yard chasing chickens. Now he’s just sitting there looking sad.

It has ended  — a war it would seem, and become more or less like a farmer trying to a few rats in his house, because the nawing kept him awoke at night. Still I will say July will be the final month. There is still plenty of rate hole for Farmer James.

I have received the color film, in fact I have received the rolls in air mail envelope also the cable [unreadable] if I havent mentioned that before.

I have sent a box of things I bought and a german belt with medals on it like the one I sent from Oran.

I’m enclosing two things one a handkerchief Christina gave to me to send you before we left. Second a shot of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris which did not come out so good.  

However I’m have a set made of some good shots and will send them on as soon as ready.

Well, all I’m have the time of my life today. Pictures every where there are sheets to [unreadable] and I getting them. I have plenty of film to good film.

Till soon

Love as ever,


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