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April 26, 1945.

April 26, 1945

Dear Mom,

With Mothers Day s close, I thought I’d better write a long letter that may make you laugh and cry a little on May the Tenth.

It has been many years now since I have seen the smile on your face on that day when I presented you with flowers or candy. Thats one thing I will never be able to forgive the Germans for they took that away from me. Although all those who are to blame are paying in part for their changing the whole cause of life, of myself and many million others. They will never be able to pay for all their crimes. Of that we comfortably say surely some place heaven or hell they will pay. The most important thing now is this part of the war will soon be over, and although most have a second date to keep in Tokio after we finish in Berlin, the hole war is well on the way to its finish and soon we’ll all be home.

About a week ago I received a letter from you asking just what I thought would happen and where I might go after the war here in Europe is over. Well we are all resolved to seeing India, China etc., probably the most interesting part of the world any way. However if we do go and there is a good chance may not, I would like to be home one time, just so you could see I am alright, and to tell you Dad + Ele a long and intense story, eat some chocolate pudding with whipped cream on it, and tell a few people off. Then I’d be ready to see more of the world. As I say how ever after the fighting is over then well need a long arm to occupy Germany, yes even switch boards in Berlin as sure the ones there are wrecked. Since we are arming the oldest troops over seas, except for a few hundred thousand (which is too many when you think of the million over here) We may stay for to occupy neither then on to the Pacific. That way I want that American flag I sent for I plan to fly it  in Berlin and then as soon as I do it will be on the way back to you. If we stay in [unreadable…] will be for 6 or 8 months after thats are over. Then we’ll go home, and set foot on a much more hallowed soil then we left for that soil now holds the body of the greatest American we will ever know.

Well, Mom that enough on the serious part. You remember the Mothers Day you thought we forgot you on Mothers Day? Also remember the day way back on Sherdian Ave when your Mothers Day present use to come out of the 5 &10 by hook or crook? Little did we ever dearm that some letter on Holstead Road. Your flowers would to come to $22, yep! Those last years at home “Mom” was a pretty expensive one. We cant say our lives haven’t been a varried one.

It’s just like I keep telling “J.P.” “You think you’ve seen some pretty French girls? Well wait till you meet my mom!!”

Your Loving Son,


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