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April 23, 1934.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Heart!

And many, many more of them – but not away from me.

Did you make the trip alright? Sleepy? You know I slept like a log after you left – in fact I never got awake till 8:30. I was three minutes late for work. Not bad?

Business is pretty slow again today but tomorrow I have those two permanents, the $10 + $15 ones which won’t make such a bad total for one day.

I was out with Ed at noon time and right after that I had a shape up + F.w. to give and now I’m writing you a letter – aw heck, I wasn’t gonna tell you but I will – I got a permanent this morning. Ed gave it to me. It’s real nice for a fresh wave. Of course it will be much nicer after its shampooed a couple of times. Are you glad I got it? I am boy.

Cameron’s, Ed, Fred + Minnie were up to Caledonia yesterday. You know where that falls near the dance pavilion that was dry when we were up? Well, Ed said the water was gushing other there yesterday. Cameron’s had been up there the same Sunday we were and they noticed there was no water at all coming over the rocks then, but yesterday they said it was beautiful.

I’m sending you something to eat for your Birthday, but you mustn’t eat too much that you get a tummy ache. I said all I know so I’ll quit. I’ll tell you we liked the show.

All my love

And kisses



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