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April 16, 1953.

My Own Dearest Har– 

Made a couple of attempts at letters dear– but didn’t get very far– Today being the first day on my feet. Yep! We were all sea sick– but Cheryl pulled out pretty fast and poor Ailene and I have been out for the count for 4 days. This is the most miserable 470 dollars I have ever and ever hope to have spent– if you could see poor Ailene her face has shrunken up to nothing and all you can see are two immense brown eyes. I’m  pretty anxious to fly back – I wonder if the globe can change my ticket for me– everyone on board says that in July the weather is perfectly calm but I hate to put the kids through that again. If you could have heard poor Ailene groaning your heart would have bled, and for two days straight she cried for you! The purser told me that The Elizabeth, The Francis and Britannic all left around the same time as us and had perfect weather – only we hit the storm- and as a result we won’t get in until around 10 or 11pm – instead of 3pm. Everything about and on this ship is British & I don’t think I like it– The good is so different, I guess I’m a really naturalized Yank!! Bea also has been sick, and her two kids have been scurrying around the ship like rats– they know every nook & cranny abroad. To say I miss you dear is putting it mildly but I won’t go into that– too touchy!! 

This afternoon they had a kids party – this was the first time we were up and what for a time they had our cabin is full of ballroom and hats– Aliene won an automatic pencil and is very proud about it. 

Wednesday [April] 15th

Well today is a beautiful day, and the sea is like glass– but Ailene got up sick again today– poor kid is just skin and bones– there is nothing else to do but fly back – I wonder if you would mind calling Globe Travel Agency at Walnut Street to talk to Miss Polish (as in Poland) and see if she can’t exchange our boat tickets for air tourist– if she says yes, I’ll mail you our ticket. 

Cheryl keeps saying today “C’mon let’s go– get up – bye bye see Dadda”. A little while ago the French Silver Liberte passed us and what a thrill – she was only a couple of hundred feet away– They were recognizing each other by the blasts on the horn. Then just after that the Dutch Silver New Amsterdam passed us on her way to New York. 

Well, tomorrow we dock at Le Havre at about 1pm then its a 7-8 hour bus from there– wow! Will I be happy to get off. 

Bea is dying of laughter– says I talk like a real Limey already – guess it’s contagious. We’re 5 hours ahead of U.S. time now – I keep thinking back wondering what you are doing– by the way that 8.50 on the mantle is Lollies for merchandise– did you pay the rent?– (I hope!!)

Now don’t forget to write and write often– the kids keep asking for you– at least if you write I can read it to them– OK?

Say hello to everyone, tell them I’ll write in a day or so– and take care now–

All our fondest love,

 Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (For Daddy) 

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