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April 14, 1943.

Dear Folks,

Last night I wrote fast and furious about the guard duty at Wilson. Perhaps it was a bit jumbled so I try now to straiten it out.

Why the old 194th was picked is beyond me, but the thing is we was. All was recreative, at least it was to soon who hadn’t heard the first sergeant talking to the LT ….

But even then though it was to guard troop train. There were some troop trains & three oil trains, long freight carrying every shrimp from “jeeps” to “seep” (If you know what a “seep” is a jeep that goes in the water.)

As they went by we still waited for the long string of trains it requires to move a division that what we every  told we were to guard. Life magazine shows in the last issue that it was the 29 train of I think 100 cars each to move such a unit. Some people came up to us first asking what we were guarding, then after we told them we couldn’t tell (as if we could we didn’t know ourselves) The first sergeant was even misinformed. As I was saying after we said we couldn’t tell they’d say “I know who your guarding.” Naturally then we say “Who.” “The old man: was there answer “THe same thing happened last time he came through.” “Who’s the old man?” Why the President of course!!!!

It was then we began to look for a special train with a pilot.

WHen it came then we were quite sure in was a person and not equipment we were guarding. Our entry rose. We inspected the sw., then all the boxcars around after all this man now important, who knows maybe the hole war set up could be charge of that switch war throwing it the wrong way and the 194th would never be able to hold up it head again. (Boy!! Ain’t


I got your candy!! Ele thanks!!



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