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April 12, 1943.

Dear Folks,

Received the coke and nuts, please now on the packages, I have the things Westam {?} sent the last crackers you sent Ma and all the new stuff.

Did I tell that Walter was rejected by the O.C.S. board. Not enough experience was the reason. So you see I told the board 3 months what Walter heard today.

One of the fellow was telling me when he saw Dick Powell someone was speaking of Fayettesville: Oh! You mean that cemetary with lights. By the way he’s not at our Service Club tonight so we are going to the show.

Seems we are leaving for the field again this Saturday or next Monday. Some say its Virginia but we don’t pay any attention to them any more (remember the one about man over?)

I just start this page time the first time I started to write about what we may do in the next three days. It concerns [unclear] trains and army equipment I was just [unclear sentence] when I thought of how such information may endanger someones life. Anyway I put it this way there is some important [unclear] to be done “somewhere” here in Carolina. We may get the job we may not. Will let you know Friday. It too may only be a runner. Hope it isnt we could use a hundred miles ride or a three day vacation.



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