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April 1, 1917.

Dear Mother:

I have returned from church with one of the boys. It has rained all Saturday night and until 3 o'clock this afternoon. The Delts had a small fire this morning. The range stovepipe runs thru a pantry and corn flake boxes were stacked against the hot pipe. None of the word work caught on fire, and the blaze was soon put out. This happened before I went to work. All of the dishes had water spilled on them and I had an hours extra work.

I am expecting at least two of my grades on exams this week. All of the boys going home this vacation, also Mrs. Zerfas and Leon, so I will be the only one in the house. I have jut finished all my lessons for Monday and Tuesday and I am ahead of every one in the house.

Arch Gerhart and I are carrying the same course in Economics and we often study together. Our exams contained the same questions; he made 93 on his while my paper has not been returned to me. He teaches school a year + then come to college a year, he is a sophomore now. He has taught school for three years. He is in Louise's geology class and in their first exam his grade was better than sisters!

Last Friday I saw my first yellow dandelion; and some of the bushes on the campus as blooming. We are going to chip in and buy a flag for the house. Everyone is displaying the "Stars and Stripes".

In one of your recent letters you referred to two articles in "Scribners". I read them immediately and enjoyed them.

It might be well for you to ask Louise if her fountain pen is satisfactory for her use; she said that it did not hold very much ink. If you need a pen, Louise could get one which would hold more ink and you could use the one she has now.

If Louise possibly has room in her suit case on her return I would like for her to bring my baseball shoes. I want to sell them now and George wants to buy them. These shoes are in the closet in my room hanging on a hook or on the floor. I would like to have my ball glove too, but if Louise does not have room for it, it can be sent later in a bundle.

I do't think that there is any danger of my working or studying hard. I have a regular daily scheduled and I sleep about 8 /12 hours.

With love to all,

Daniel H. Osborn

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