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Vintage Love Letters Come Alive.

You are cordially invited to the world premiere of a short documentary made from just 4 of the some 30 'series' of letters in the Flea Market Love Letters archive!

Want to dive deeper into the stories teased here? Check out the series featured, here:

The Making Of 'Vintage Love Letters Come Alive':

In October 2023, we had the privilege of working again with friend of the archive Rafal Kostrzewa on bringing this long desired project to fruition. Thanks to Jack O'Brien and Laura Gaska for lending their voices to the production. Special thanks to Sam Lemberger and Bella Kurek for support on the day and over the process.

It's safe to say it was a fantastic day! This was the first time I had attempted to organize something of this scale and it was such a pleasure to work with professionals to bring the video to life.

I started by choosing four series of letters across different decades and then choosing a single letter from the series that I felt gave a taste of the tone and cadence of the author. Jack and Laura brought these letters to life. It was hard to choose just four series to feature but I feel the ones we've chosen highlight the scope and range of the archive.

Next, we exchanged a few emails and chose the filming day. I always make sure to bring plenty of materials (letters, photographs, stamps, etc.!) with me when filming with Raf because before long we get ahead of ourselves and have an entire film in our imaginations. It's such a pleasure to take the archive to this next level with talented actors and filmmakers.

Long time members of the Flea Market Love Letters community may remember our first collaboration with Raf back in 2021, a video which has helped to spread the message and heart of the archive far and wide.

People often ask where I see Flea Market Love Letters 'going' and I've had the same answer since our start in 2017: wherever it can. Please consider sharing this post or the linked videos with your friends, family, and networks to help us promote the mission of the project to preserve every day history via handwritten letters.

Get in Touch.

Have a question about the archive? Or want to share your letter story? Send us an email at

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