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February 21, 1920.


Dearest K.

Above all things for you to call me a “vamp”. Please, you don’t really think that it do U? Why did you do it? I am not one at all. ‘Cause a vamp is one who encourages attention without meaning it, and I never encourage attention without meaning it. So there!!

You were awfully sweet to send me the dainty card valentine’s. I did appreciate it so much ‘cause you sent it + the thought that prompted U. to send it.

Now as for coming home I am still weighing the balance and I appreciate your advice so much. It brough out another side to me. I am trying to see which will be best so am just waiting for viewing it from all sides. I see even you hadn’t up until now thought that I am really and truely earnest with my work. Why is it people think that, I can’t see ‘cause I am. I have had a good time all my life and now I want to be worth while. I am not a butterfly any longer.

I have seen one or two good shows lately and been to the opera twice. I saw + heard Caruso and Metzenauer in Samson + Delilah. Then Farrar in Madame Butterfly. Both were perfectly wonderful and so I enjoyed them so very much. Also been to several dances and am going to one next week. I am getting into the swing again and am really getting crazy about it again. Which I didn’t think that I would ever do for awhile.

I think you wrote me an awfully “curt” little note. U surely must be busy or something. U didn’t even tell me where you have been going so much. Now, don’t forget to write real soon too. —


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