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My Dearest K: __

I have started U a letter several times at the store and can’t seem to finish them so I am trying again tonight. U are just a love to remember me with the candy and I sure am enjoying it. I have been so worried about that old poison ivy. I surely wish that you were near so that I could doctor it for U. I am so releaved to know that it is so much better though.

We – Odessa + I are going up to New York mon. for a few days or a week. No I don’t suppose that I will get much rest but Odessa is anxious to go and I wouldn’t disappoint her for anything.

She has seen quite a bit of Washington and finds her self around beautifully. Felton is in New York. We received a letter from him the other day. He has just signed up with Marshal Fields + Co. to represent them in Ga. I think he is doing awfully well to get in with a firm like that don’t U? He will take us around quite a bit I am quite sure. We can then go to the Caberts etc. I am as much thrilled over it as if I were going for the first time.

I have no more news of interest so I will say good night with love of love to U.

As Ever,


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