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June 20, 1927.

354 College St.

Macon, Ga.

June 18, 1927.

Dear Thelma,

No doubt it has been a long time since you have thought of your school days at Alexander Two, but I remember with pleasure the time when you were one of “my children” in the old school house. Sam taking advantage of that claim and of your kindness to make a request of you.

I have heard of your great success in art, and your sister had shown me some of your excellent work. I congratulate you and feel proud that one of my girls is making such a success.

Maxain Jordan, a young friend of mine, wants to study practical art and I am writing to ask if you will advise her where to study and what courses to take. She thinks that she wants to study the same kind of work that you are doing. Do you think she would have better opportunities in this line or in interior decorating? She was advised to go to Pratt, but there was not a vacancy now.

I shall greatly appreciate any help you can give her in making her plans.

With love for you and best wishes for your continued success I am

Ever your friend

Agnes Borden

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