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September 9, 1940.

Mon A.M.

Beautiful Darling Betsy:

We arrived safe and sound but very sleepy at about 1:30 this morning. We spent about an hour looking for the cut off and when we finally thought we had found it -- we had the wrong one. Ain’t it awful.

I just got back from an ambulance call and the man had a heart attack and was as cool as a cucumber when we got there. They were giving him artificial respertiation and we just felt his pulse and Dr. Weaver said -- “Don’t wear yourselves out boys”.

Darling, I really did enjoy this weekend with you. I love you so much and just being with you is like heaven to me. I think we get along better since we are married. It just seems like we don’t have a thing to fuss about.

I really do miss you. I haven’t even seen my folks yet. They were asleep when I got in and still asleep when I left. I hope you can come down for a week or so. We won’t be together much in the day time but I want you to come if you can. Meanwhile I will talk to the folks about it tonight.

Gosh, I love you.



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