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December 9, 1941.

Quartz Site Az.

December 9 1941

Dear Alice

Well! I won’t let another day pass + not ans. your letter. Something is going on here. I had that Birth report + other papers sent to me _ Mrs Keiser said I take care of them for you , So I let her have them for 2 weeks then yesterday, I asked her for them + she gave them to me + mad I think she has signed some kind of a complaint to get the control of my check. So remember it is the law if they should put me in the county farm to demand your rights as a sister + that would squash Mrs. Keiser.

Now that the postmaster (Mrs Woodsen) are rank Southern people _ I can’t go to their store any more. Why this place is the most antiquated place in the world + dying quicker than fast.

No, as long as I get + income I can’t get any old age pension + this should stop on the November 19th 1942 + if I could get away from here, I might get thru to see you once more but don’t think I will ever see you again. I expect to go find something + if I do not will let you know war is on + there are no houses for rent in Calif. All wood goes to ships!

In Arizona it is better + if we were together I could be sure of $10 or $15 for rent _ then some _ if I find this location that is something better. Prescot is a college town _ I think a good palce for music.

If I were you I burn up that snake + dead horse in those pictures. It might brighten Patricus. I am in a hurry.

The miners here don’t like Mrs. Keiser a bit, she has become too inflated.

Well! I’ll close + I hope you all have plenty to eat on XMass.

Your Sister,


No I won’t stay here.

If anything happens you can find out about me by writing to the Arizona Industrial Commission Claim A. No 4955 George Cole. Dec. Nov. 19.1926.

United Verde Copper Co. Claim Dept.

I will write

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