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November 28, 1940.

Updated: Dec 25, 2021


My darling:

I was so surprised when I got your letter today. It was like a perfect ending to a beautiful evening, darling, there is no other words to describe it.

It is swell to be home again. Mother and dad are fine and say to tell you hello. And that dog -- what a dog. He loves me already and bites me so sweet. He is really pretty and well marked. I taught him to retrieve today and he is really pretty good at it.

How about that game today. I want you to bear in mind that I cam a student at the University of Texas -- I was really surprised.

I got home at about 12:30 today safe and sound and without a flat. Please tell Bill and Flog that I will be there for sure on Saturday.

Thank you again for last night, darling -- It was so wonderful -- and I think it is one that we will always remember.

Tell your mother, Bobby and Neal hello and last but not least -- tell Katherine.

I love you,


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