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September 30, 1939.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019


My darling:

Well, I got home safely after mailing your letter last night. Slept late this morning and went to church.

This afternoon we played doubles and Brian Beck and I beat Cornell and Pat bad.

Mother, Bill and Dad got up early (5 o’clock) and listened to the broadcast of England’s declaration of war. I heart them but just couldn’t get up. On the way home I heard Russ Morgan play our song and sentimental as I was I nearly headed for Houston then.

Tonight Brian and I are going to the show. I have a date with Lucille Yasborough -- just an old friend who is really crazy. I saw her at the party last night and she said that she was sore at me because we used to be real buddies and confided in each other and all that. Anyway she said that she had heard about about my love affair from another source and that I hadn’t even told her about it. The fact that I hadn’t seen her once before this summer and then on a street conor didn’t seem to matter. So she said that I could pick my night for this week and tell her all about you. So I said okay how about tomorrow night that might sound a bit brazen but that’s the way she is and we used to carry on like that all the time. And she is really a sweet girl.

I am sure that you would be crazy about her.

I got stung on the belly (excuse the term but that’s where it was) by a bee this afternoon. It has made me feel dizzy ever since but I guess I will live.

I am waiting for Tuesday -- four letters -- wow

I love you,


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