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September 26, 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Dearest Darling,

Today is Tuesday + I am very happy to be with you again honey I been thinking of you all night + all day today i never forget you darling It has been a pretty hot day hear today.. But it is always hot their is a cool breze out I hope it keeps up all night honey we sure had a day we were given Boxing lessons this morning an then we Boxed. I had a tough guy to Box with he was a good Boxer + he was much Larger than me Boy I sure pick them don't I well anyway it was not bad I done OK we boxed a partner + Then he put the whole out out out on the Field an it was a free for all an was it fun the gloves were sure flying it was really funny to watch Boy a guy came running at me + took a swing if he would of hit me he would of nocked my head off I believe I was trying to dodge two guys on that Big Bear came at me I decked an he hit another guy right in the face was that funny anyway I had a lot of fun. Well that all lasted till noon we went to chow + in the after noon we all marched down to the Boats + went out across the Bay to a Beach about 10 miles up we were taken to a nice pier where we could swim in the ocean + they had ping pong tables + all sorts of games I bought 2 hot dogs and a Coca Cola, an I went swimming it was fun But we had to march so far to get their after we got out the Boats we all went in 3 Boats they were the Sorta Motor Launch like a Invasion Craft one BOat would hold about 60 or 70 men they were fast allright anyway after all the drilling, boxing + swimming + I was all wore out I also had to walk a mile for chow they drill us for a mile to chow + back I was so tired I layed down + fell asleep it is now 8 oclock in the evening you see it was five oclock when I got back from chow they work us a hour longer hear they make us work till 5 oclock it seems like a long time to me by the time I take a shower + get all dressed it is almost six so I don't really get a lot of time I have to be back by 1130 anyway I walked to town anyway I get enough time to wright to you I am very glad of that I look forward every day for these few precious hours to spend with you. Well I guess their isn't any danger of me cheating on you hear for I can't the Navy even took kair of that you know honey this curfew they got hear i a good thing it keeps a lot of Boys pretty healthy + it also keeps them from cheating on their wifes + sweethearts don't it Honey I bet you are Sort of getting very busy now getting your things already for school + kind worried about it also aren't you oh yes I know you are. I think I understand just how you feel about it all going away from home + worried about money to send home + all I can just imagine just how you really must feel about it well honey don't worry you will do OK I know you will really it isn't going to be bad at all it is just so strange now + so will the town be that you will go to but you will also be pretty busy with your work an also it won't worry you a lot I bet you will get pretty tired to it will be all so different + it will seem very hard at times but Honey when it gets tough just keep going + it will all turn out OK I am sure I am right now in the Basement of a Church it is fixed up real nice it is very quiet hear + a Lady is at a Desk. She takes kair of it I been talking to her _ I asked her when she worked she said she works at the Army Air port in the office I told her I had a girl who was going to take training in School I told her it pertained to Radio work she said it is a good deal she said their is a lot of openings in it so after talking to her + getting the lay down on it I think it is going to be swell. She said you can make good money at it allright so you see dear you are going to do just find I know you will get it is nice hear quiet + nice people they don't talk much but when they do they talk nice I kinda like that well that's enough of that what I want to know is how much you love me honey do you love me a lot I need not ask that I know you do. Dear I Love you a terribly lot Honey + I miss you to honey. I sure wish I were with you if I were home I would go to Kansas City with you I would get a job their + be with you while you are going to school well it looks like I will be with you where ever you go if you go to Europe I will go along I bet you are just stuck with me I guess I will follow you around the world I will love you all the time how you like. That I bet you will get tired of waiting for me + meet some one else who will interest you which you are going to school of course I won't like it would just about kill me but if that does happen I guess I can't blame you for I am away so long I only hope you will always Love me I don't want to ever Lose you Dear, I don't want to you cheat on me But all I can do is hope you will wait for me + I will be just waiting for the day to come to you I do love you terribly I want you so bad if only things turn out OK I hope they do so we can be married Honey please don't get tired of waiting for me it kind worries me at times I must admit I just can't help but worry about it you see I don't ever want to lose you I am sorta selfish I guess I don't want other men messing around yo uI am also jealous you know that But I do want you to be happy + have fun well Dear I must close for now but I will have our date + I will dream of you all night + all day tomorrow + I will wright. Say good night my Darling + Millions of kisses.



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