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December 24, 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

My Dearest Darling,

Today is the day before Xmas + I guess all I seem to have on my mind is you. Dear I love you Honey + Xmas is not as important as you are to me, Honey, I stayed at the hotel last night but tonight I guess I will try to get a bunk at the USO. Some place for I am just about broke now I do hope you are OK + have a nice Xmas Eve at home with Sonny Dear I sent you some flowers for a present I hope you will like them I sent a Write to Natties Flower garden on grand at Chippawa to send them to you today I know over you will like them tel me if you get them OK Dear Kiss Sonny for me + try to explain to him why I ain’t home with him for Xmas please dear I am going to church at 12 oclock tonight + I will see you their Dear Honey I won’t say a lot today I will wright + tell you more in the next letter New York is about the same it is pretty good hear I like it very much the people treat me swell hear dear Honey tell me all about your trip home + what you been doing over the HOlidays just tell me all the news you know like you always do Dear honey I miss you terribly you just can’t imagine how I miss you darling + please dear be good + don’t get messing around too much with other men for you know I am depending on you to be a good Wife not don’t let me down I am sure you won’t chear on me. Hon I will send this with the address of the Naval Station where I registered in I don’t know if that is write or not I will get Mail their I am sure if you wright their well I guess I try to get something to eat now + a place to sleep for tonight Oh yes I got my other pen Lost I loaned it to a guy + he lost it I could just murder him for it I liked that pen a lot I took good kair of it + then he has to lose it for me I bet I won’t lone no more out I can’t hardly wright with their pen I got it stick + everything else Honey I will close for now I will be thinking of you on Xmas eve + all the time Dear so please don’t worry about me I will be alright just you try to ge a little money ahead so you can come up here + see me will you dear.

Well darling I hope that check comes soon before they get after me

Lots of love to you my Darling

Millions of kisses



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