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September 24, 1919.

Angel Island, Calif.

Dear Mother

I guess you’ve begun to think that I’ve forgotten all about writing but I’ve been so busy getting examinations and one thing and another that just couldn’t seem to get around to it. I;ve been passed the examinations O.K. and have been sworn in and am writing now to be sent out. I don’t know to which Camp I am going to nor just when I’ll go though I hope it will be soon.

I’ve taken one vaccination and one typhoid inoculation and will have to take two more innoc. This is the third vaccination I’ve had since I’ve been in the army but none of them took on account of the one I had taken in Mexico.

I met Walter Flanigan up here the other day. He is in the Army and is going to France for three years. He will leave tomorrow. A good many of the former A.E.F. boys are going back to France. A large percentage of the enlistments now are previous service men.

This is a fine camp here. We have picture shows every night, a skating ring and all sorts of amusements. Well Ma, there isn’t much to write about so will close now. Will write again soon.


3rd Co.

Gen. Services Sig. Corps.

East Garrison Ft. McDowell

Angel Island Calif.

P.S. I have a couple of service stripes in that Red Cross bag is wish you would send in your next letter

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