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August 20, 1920.

Camp Travis

Dear Mother,

Have not received a letter from you for a long time, probably your letter was lost.

I’ll soon be out now just 29 more days. It sure will seem fine to get away from this hot climate.

I received a letter from Beth yesterday, the first letter I got in over a month. When you answer this letter please send me her address. I lost her address and she didn’t put it on her last letter so I can't answer her letter.

It certainly is going to cost me something to get either. There was a salesman around here the other day taking orders for suits 45 to 100 dollars. I didn’t order one. Is there much work around Pismo now. How are wages?

Is Charlie still on the boat? What kind of boat is it, a tanker?

I’m certainly having an awful time trying to get this letter written. Every time I get started I have to go out on a trip or something. This is about the fourth time I’ve started. I’ll try to get it off on this afternoon's mail anyway. I’m mail orderly now besides dispatch rider. I get the mail for the battalion twice each day.

Has Charlie Gandaubert been married yet, or was it just a rumor? Is Willie Ostin still in Pismo? What is he doing?

I will have to go after the mail now so will close. This isn’t much of a letter it will let you know that I’m still alive anyway.

As ever, Walter

Hqrs. Dept.

7th F.S.B.

Camp Travis

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