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September 23, 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

September 23, 1944

Dearest Darling,

It is evening I am in my room here at the hotel an I am very lonely tonight Hon I been to town for a little while + I wrought you a letter. I came back got some work done + I am trying to get a little wrote to you it is a little extra for I am going to spend all my extra minutes I can get with you I know you won’t mind will you honey. I did not get no mail today I guess you can tell my Lawyer this address Will you ear Oh yes, I guess you will be going to Kansas City pretty soon to go to School won’t you, you know honey I don’t kair a lot for Florida now as I thought I would it is so awfully expensive to live hear. It cost 759 dollar just for a room a month it is just as bad as California every thing cost so much it is much better to work in St. Louis or a good factory town I think the only way to get along here is to have a good Business or a darn good paying job I can see that oh yes their is a boy hear who has two sisters who took that training that you are taking. I did not asking him how they liked it he told me he just came out of jail he was in jail for 4 months for disobeying orders he seems to be a rather nice fellow I don’t know though time till well. Well I stopped at the Point last night it is morning now I just came back from breakfast I walked about a mile to the place to eat at but the food was good an above all every thing was clean. I liked that very well Gee honey, it got so hot again the sun is coming up an Boy it were hot today is Sunday + I guess we will muster in soon after muster I will be back an wright more. Hear I am again I mustered and had some more instructions came back + I been scrubbing my hammock + sea bag I used 2 bars of soap wore out a brush I scrubbed them in the bath rub now I still got a lot of clothes to clean if I don’t get it all done up before Inspection day I will get in trouble. But I will get it all done if I keep after it I got the worst done that Sea Bag + Hammock in is the worst it is so heavy + Hard to dry Honey I will start training in something tomorrow. I don’t know what it is all about but I will soon find out I will tell you when I wright tomorrow Hon. Oh yes they gave me a guard of duty for tonight so I will be busy tonight so I won;t get no liberty I guess I really don’t kair I am to tired to get any place yet all I been doing is running all over the place getting my records squared away I am all done with that now all I got to do i go to school tonight for my Ship to get ready it looks like I will be hear for quite some time yet anyway well that is OK with me for I will get my Divorce fixed then I am glad of that Hon how is everything by you OK I hope this is a good place to go fishing hear I bet a guy sure could catch a lot of fish maybe I will try it some day when I get time + see what I can catch they got a pier for Service men to fish at hear I may try that it sure ought to be fun. There is also a beach to go swimming hear the girls hear are scarce not a lot of them just more married people go to these places hear to swim + send a vacation a Sailor can’t get a room with a woman so their is no monkey business going on only among the married people they come without a wife + live with another man’s wife + Some wifes came chased on their husbands it goes on but not a lot of that it is pretty clear hear in more than one way I can see that honey I will close now and wright more tomorrow so until then I will be dreaming of you all the time + I will remain yours forever + forever

Lots + lots of love

Your Byron


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