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September 21, 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

21 September 1944

Dallas Texas

Dear dorothy

It has been a long time since I last wrote you I guess that you think I don’t intend to write you anymore since i have gotten back to the good old United States where a fellow probably doesn't look forward to mail quite as much as he would overseas but really it is n’t that way at all. I still injoy your letters as much as I did then. I’m sorry that I have been so slow in answering your letter but you know how it is. I have been pretty busy here and the only letters I have written to anyone has been home and one letter to my brother in the six weeks that I have been here in Dallas. Tonight I decided that I would write you and at least let you know my address before you leaf for school so that you can write me as soon as you get there and perhaps I can in some small measure repay you for all the nice letters that you wrote me while I was overseas and I really mean to try to be as faithful in writing to you as you were to me. I know that you will probably look forward to getting letters much more than you do at home. I really hope that you will enjoy getting the ones I write you as much as I did yours.

I have three of your letters and I don’t believe that I have answered any of them. I ought to be ashamed of myself don’t you think? But I promise to try and to do better next time if you will just forgive me this time. Ha! Same old story isn’t it.

You said in one of your letters that you were going to start to school the first of october well that isn’t too far away now so I guess that you are now preparing to leave.

In your next letter you say that you received the handkerchief that I sent from san antonio. I’m glad that you liked it as I thought it was pretty as soon as I saw it and I told the fellow who was with me that I knew someone who would like one of those so that’s how you came to get it.

In your next letter you said that you were getting ready to start to school and that was six weeks ago so I guess by this time you are all packed and all but waiting for the train. Ha! Ha! I hope you have the best of luck and I’m sure that you will get along in school allright. By the way where you say that you were going? I know I shouldn’t have forgotten but I have.

Now to try to tell you something of Dallas and the work I am doing here. I think that Dallas is a swell city to be stationed and I sure like it in every way. It’s only about a third of the size of St. Louis but that still makes it a fair sized city. There are plenty of places to go here. Dances, Theaters, Night Clubs, Amusement Parks, Skating and anything that you could think of and I have been practically everywhere except skating but I will probably get around to that in due time as I used to really like to skate but I haven’t done any for a long time now. I’ve been having a swell time going places and doing things which would partly account for the fact that I haven’t written any letters since I have been here. But I am going to have to slow down as I am spending more money than I have been making and that isn’t good for the future. I want to still have a little when I get out of this army and so guess I had better look ahead a little.

I’m still working in signal that is all except tonight. Tonight I am in the adjutant generals office working from midnight to eight in the morning and as I used to always write all of my letters during these hours and this is an easy job you see I am doing the same tonight. I have to read all of the Generals mail and decide if it is urgent and requires immediate action or if it can be held over till morning. That and answering the phone and picking up the telegrams that come in every hour is all I have to do so it is pretty easy here.

Usually I’m not so fortunate. Not when I am working in the signal office as we are really busy there. We have handled as many as sixteen thousand messages in twenty-four hours so you see there is a little work to be done there btu you know I always like signal work so I don’t have anything to kick about. I do have good hours though which is something that all of the fellows don’t have as you know the office stays open day and night and someone has to work nights. All of the other fellows shifts change every two weeks and so they get night duty every so often but I have been made the n.c.c. in charge so I get the same shift all the time or at least so far. I have been working from 12 noon to till 3 at night which I think is a swell time as that still leaves plenty of time to go out and I don’t have to get up early in the morning.

Still it isn’t all roses as you said in one of your letters every job has its bad points and you were sure correct about that. The bad points about the job I have is the fact that I have to see that other fellows get their work done and if there is something that they don’t know how to do I must show them how. I am supposed to know just about everything about everything connected with the signal office. But there are lots of things that I don’t know. I can always ask someone who has worked here for a long time about if I find something that I don’t understand. Having worked in signal work for about three years though I get along fairly well.

When I first came here about six weeks ago there were only two army men here besides the officers in charge working in the office but we now have sixteen, all of the rest are civilians. Mostly girls so it’s a pretty nice place to work. Ha! Ha!

Last saturday night we had a party for all of the people who work in signal and every body really had a nice time. Of course there were several who didn’t get to go as they were on duty at the time but most of the ones who weren’t were there and that made quite a nice crowd as there must be near 150 all together who work in the office I really don’t know just how many there are. We rented the Dryfus club for the party and had music, dancing, plenty of beer for those who wanted to drink. As for sandwiches and refreshments there were enough for a party twice the size so all together we had a swell time.

I could go on and on with this chatter but you are probably tired of it by now so I had better close for this time. Write soon.

Love Roy

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