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September 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

My Dearest Darling,

Today is Saturday + What a Busy Day I have had, Hon I got hear yesterday evening at 645 + I was busy trying to get a bunk + get a place to stay the Navy put me in a Hotel it is O.K. I been pretty busy taking exams all day for a requalification in Education + I will probably go to school some more I passed everything I was tested for + they are going to send me to school for the time being till the ship I am going on is finished it is still being built yet it looks like all I do is go to school I don’t mind I may get stearn to work on I don’t know for sure but I will just take it if I do like it. Well it will be good for me I am sure I don’t like it hear much I am sure we have to be in at 12 oclock we have to Salute all officers they are strict as H hear I stayed out of trouble so far I had to stand Inspection in White hear we wear them all the time gee they are going to teach me how to shoot all kinds of guns + steam Engineering + Commando training a lot to do I will be awfully busy I am sure Honey I hope I can wright you nice long letters like I use to I will try awfully hard. Gee it is hot hear terribly hot at night also it is doesn’t cool off any Honey this town is so clean the House tops are painted White + stay pretty clean we got a Shower + Bath tub all them things in our Room it is swell. I was told we will move out of this hotel by Monday to another one the officers are going to Live in this hotel soon so just keep writing to this address I put on the first page till I tell you different. Honey I had the most wonderful few days I have ever had in my life home with you I will always remember it I hope I can come home soon so we can be married soon I want to so bad to have you as my wife I am going to have to I bet Honey now is my little boy is he OK Gee I haven’t got around hear yet to tell you much about it hear but I will try I am a little I will not get to go out a lot I will be so busy studying again. If I keep that up I won’t know what other people are doing honey what other people are doing honey when I get out of the thing I want you to teach me to dance. Will you I will go to living a different life i bet gee I will be glad to have you do a home + we can do so many things together We will have fun I bet all will be so new to me I am sure I will have so damn money trader + schooling I won’t know what to follow up when I get back I will be sure of a good job anyplace I just sure got a moon anyway after all it was sorta much at one time but you got it all fixed up with a lot of Education. Haven’t you Dear anyway thanks I appreciate it all I needed somebody like you to give me a push didn’t Hon I will close now dear + wright you a lot tomorrow Honey I know you won’t mind dear I got a lot of Work to do yet will darling I send all my hart to you

All my love,

your Byron

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