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September 18, 1939.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019


My darling:

Here I am home again. I got in at about three o’clock. Mom was having a table of bridge and I watched. Bill came home and we swept off the tennis count but it rained again before we could play.

I certainly did enjoy every minute with you, darling. You were so sweet and I love you so much.

Gosh, we always have such fun together and you make me feel so happy and proud to know that you are mine -- all mine -- like you said last night -- almost.

Everybody here is fine and all seem to be well. They all asked about you and sait to tell you hello in my letter tonight.

Mary cooked fried chicken and cherry pie in honor of my home coming. Leopold has grown an inch and has learned t go up the steps and show me how he could do it when he got home.

Well, I want to write Jug and Early Cotzwater tonight so I had better cut this short.

I love you baby and hope you got by your first day in school okay.

I love you


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