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September 14, 1939.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019


My darling:

In the morning Cornell and I will pull out for Ft. Worth. I am going to spend tomorrow night in Ft. Worth and come on back to Houston Friday morning. When I get to Houston I will come down to Foley’s and look for you.

I got a long distance call from Jerry wanting to send my Phic Chi pledge button and I told him I would see him in Houston. Today Lester Scandiro called and wanted to send my A.K.K. pledge button and I told him I would see him too. So there is bound to be a showdown this weekend. And I haven’t made up my mind. Baby, I had to see you work so hard. You sound so tired in your letters. I love you darling -- and I will be so happy tomorrow because I will be on my way.

Well, I guess I had better close now -- Bill is going to mail this.

I love you


P.S. I love you

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