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September 10, 1939.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019


My darling:

Well, didn’t do much today. It rained this morning and so after I went to church we got up a poker game. Bill a couple of his friends, Cornell, Bryan, and I played all afternoon. Cornell and Bryan won all the money and I broke about even.

We listened to the records for a while then after supper and Bryan and I went to see the Starmaker. It was pretty good but kinda tiresome in spots.

It is now about ten and I am going to town and mail this when I finish it.

I hope the rain is over now. It cuts into my tennis game pretty bad -- but I am glad to see rain again ---- it hasn’t rained in a long time.

It hasn’t been long since I saw you, darling, but it seems ages --- and I am dying to see you. I am going to try to stay over Saturday and go to the [unreadable] -- may I have a date?

I love you


P.S. I love you

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