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October 5, 1918.

Dear Mother,

Rec’d a letter from you yesterday and was certainly glad to hear from you. Received one from Bess and one from Sarah also. Was certainly glad to hear that you are getting along fine. I haven’t been sick since I’ve been here. I guess by the time this letter reaches you it will be toward winter. But we are well prepared for it. We have plenty of blankets and clothing. We get lots of woolen socks, sweaters and such things as that from the Red Cross.

Was sorry I could not send you a picture. I haven’t had the opportunity to have one taken but will send you one the first chance I get.

There won’t be many boys left in Pismo when the new draft is called. I don’t think that any of them will be sorry that they had to go. It’s a great experience.

Was surely glad to see the next draft go into effect.

Probably that will change the minds of some of the men whose greatest ambition was to stand being a bar. If they could see the boys laying dead on the battlefield they would be more anxious to work. The most that anyone can to help is none too much.

I would ceratinly be glad to get a few home papers. We get American papers printed in Paris and London but there’s not much home news in them.

Did Charlie get back from his trip yet? What is Sarah doing now? Is Bess going to this year?

Well there isn’t much of anything to write about so I will have to close. Do not worry about me because we are well cared for here in every way. Write soon and often and tell me all the news.

With love,


5th Div. Amm.

Co. A


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