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October 31, 1920.


Dearest K,

Had quite a funny experience this week. Thurs. afternoon an empty box came addressed to me from the Fatnal Square Pharmacy. I thought at first that U. had played a joke on me. Then I examined it and found that both ends had been broken into + not a piece of candy was in the box. Not one piece. I saw that it was insured so carried it over to the Post Office to get something for it. They said it would be best to send it back because they would have the receipt. So that is why the box came back in the condition U. will find. I suppose before U. get this. I sent it to the Drug Store. I was mad at first but saw that is was quite a joke but I wouldn’t let it pass by if I were U. ‘Cause it has been happening it some of the other girls packages. It was marked fragile also. So there is my excuse.

I have quit my work and taken on some extra classes. So will still be quite busy. I am getting so interested in my Fashions. I can hardly look on any thing else. It is real funny too cause I was so upset at the first of the year. I have had some real interesting praise from the office also. They are so lovely to me I just love them every one. I started not to send my fashion plate back after getting them here I saw how rotten they really are. I am doing much better work.

We are having a little dance tonight. Surely wish U. were here. I haven’t had but one letter from U. this week.

Lots of Love,


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