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October 26, 1919.

Ft. Bliss, Texas

Dear Mother

Arrived here O.K. and had a fine trip. Took us just two days and two nights to make the trip. We had berths in the Pullman and were allowed 75 cents for each meal. Not bad, eh? I think I will like this outfit fine, although it is mounted. I have been out for the last two days learning to ride. We have to start in bareback. I will use a saddle in the morning. I don’t like the horses much though it won’t hurt me any to learn to ride.

The camp is situated about six miles from the town of El Paso. I haven’t been down town yet except when I landed here. The climate here is pretty decent except for the wind. Every time it starts blowing about half of the sand in Texas gets up and moves with it. They say it rains about twice a year here but when it does it makes up for all lost time.

Well how is everything is Pismo? Is Ted going to Poly now? What is Gene doing? Is Ernest still fishing? How is Sarah now. Well it’s getting late so I will close now. Write soon and tell me all the news.

As ever, Walter


7th Field Signal Battalion

Fort Bliss, Texas.

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