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October 25, 1920.

Sunday “Nite”

Dearest Sweetheart,

Your special came as a surprise but of course it was enjoyed all the more on that account. U needn’t to have gone to that trouble though. It wasn’t pads or books that I wanted it was book ends. Like those in the parlor. U. needn’t to hurry so about them. Just when U. have time.

Have just come from out to see “your family”. Helen + Bob came out just before I left. It is the first time that I have seen them so was awfully sorry that I had to leave.

Sat. afternoon I went out to the Spanish Museum on 15-6 St. Saw some awfully good things by Zuloaga, Goya and Sorlla. Very, very interesting. Then we went down to the village to get some materials, found a very reasonable place. We walked around quite a little then on the East Side. It is the first time that I have been down there walking. It is perfectly awful but awfully good material to paint. Then I came back here to dinner and went out to a little dance at Columbia with one of the girls here and two friends of hers from her home town. Had a real good time but couldn’t help but think how nice it would be if U. were there. I was awfully ashamed of my self i couldn’t keep my mouth closed. Going out for the first time in a month doesn’t do at all.

I am so very anxious to know about the kitchen’s. I just know that you are obligato win the first prize. ‘Cause I know that it is in U. Do with that I were there to help. What did U. do about the place in N. Orleans? Suppose Blair wouldn't consent to your going. I am surely hoping + praying for you success.

Haven’t anymore paper so must close. Will tell U. the rest of the news next time. Oodles of love to my Sweetheart.

From this Sweetie

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