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October 23, 1945.

Dear Sister of i Jin

You will wonder to get a letter from a Dutch girl, but I have promised it to i Jin, and G like it very much. Do you know where i Jin is in Germany now? Will you write it me, than I will write her a letter too. Since she left us, we did not hear any thing from her. We like i Kin very much. We often went out with ehr. We have been to the motor races and every evening we went for a walk with her. I will you, how we became friends with I Kin. We went to school and suddenly a girl came to us, and walked with us to the building. I got a very nice souvenir from her. After that time we saw a her every evening. Before i Jin came, we have had more than 55 Canadian soldiers. They have been with us the whole winter.

Now I finish with the best greetings.

Yoke Verbrugge


Hatert Holland

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