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March 10, 1946.

Dear Miss Vera and t'Jin.

How are you all? Here is all very well. t'Jin the little baby is a clear master. He walks also very good. t'Jin when do you come back from Germany? We don't hear any from you. We send also with these letter a little souvenir. We hope also that you it may receive in a good healthy. We sent it to you with the 'air mail'. It goes fast as with the boat. Do you write back please, if you received it.

Well I shall have to close. Hope you may received our kindest regards from me Father, Mother, the three brothers and myself Ria.

Ria Nicolasen

Is by word say: 'Small but nice.' We hopes it may be so. It is only a little souvenir, what we can give to you. But it is from a golden hart. May it always remember you, at the sincere family from Holland.

Fam. Nicolasen v. Dongen

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