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October 21, 1920.


Well Dearest,

I certainly couldn’t help but feel a little guilty when I received the candy Mon. and it was Morris but U. told me to tell U. so U don’t mind do U. It surely was good and I do enjoy it so much. Every body here is getting real jealous of me + my candy. My roommate said that she thought she would write U. a note of thanks for she certainly enjoys it. She is sure a dear. Just a lovely girl. Have just written Mamma about my work or job and the funny little incident I had to day so won’t go into detail again? Cause I suppose you’ll hear it.

I am going out to spend the day Sun. with your family. I think I shall get them to go to the Bronx Park with me as I haven’t been.

Hasn’t anything interesting happened just wanted to let U. hear from me.

Be good and love me still ‘cause I love U.


How did U. like the last address?

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