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October 21, 1919.

Ft. McDowell

Dear Mother

Received the razo and things O.K. and was very glad to get them. I am leaving tomorrow for Ft. Bliss, El Paso Tex. I will be consigned to the 7th Field Sig. I am glad I am going to the border much better than some eastern camp when it would be so cold.

I hear they have a bill up now to increase the soldiers' pay to 45 dollars per month. I certainly hope that goes through. I will make a deposit with the paymaster every month. The money will be saved for me, with 4 percent interest till the end of my enlistment.

If we get the 15 dollar raise I can put away about 25 or 30 dollars each month which will leave me a pretty decent sum at the end of the year.

You asked me if I ever go over to the City. I haven’t been off the Island since I’ve been here. The only time we can get a pass is Sunday and I usually want to rest on that day.

Well, Ma, I have to begin getting ready to leave so I will close.Will write when I get to my next camp.

As ever, Walter

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