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October 13, 1920.


My Dearest Sweetheart,

This is a miserable rainy day and I have a terrible cold. I wandered down stairs this morning and the first thing I found the box so you can imagine what a ray of sunshine it is to me this morning. No school today either so I can enjoy it all day long. In our school we celebrate every dinky little holiday that comes along. I am just getting started good and so I’m anxious to work and quite resent a holiday.

I think that I wrote you about my poster or at least wrote U that I had the order for one. Well I finished Fri. after a hard days work and carried it down with fear and trembling. He was pleased with it though and said that he would have more for me. So U may know that pleased me very much.

Fri. night we had a little masquerade dance just for the girls to get acquainted. I know boys don’t usually think we have fun at parties like this but we surely did. We wore our costumes to dinner and Miss Mitchel, our director, had planned a cabaret dinner. We had some awfully good stunts, then some barbeque on them. They were really quite rich. Sat. afternoon I went to see “Lightening” and it was everything that people said it was last year. You must surely see it when comes to Macon.

Your Mother and Pauline are really very comfortable so not nearly as crowded as U. might think they were. I know how it worries U. though for I know how it worries me for Mamma to be working so hard and never getting any pleasure. See if you. Can make her get out some. Will U.?

I went to see a designer yesterday who wanted some help. I thought maybe I could help her on part time. She didn’t however but liked my work and wanted me for all time. I told her that I couldn’t give up my school work now so she said she would have a place open for me in the spring if I wanted to come. It is a wonderful chance to work up although she doesn’t give very much to begin on. She teaches U. as well and U. are a finished designer when U. are through under her.

I fear this is not a very jolly letter but will promise to better next time.

Much love to U. and just oodles of luck to you for your work.

As ever,


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