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November 20, 1925.

Friday morn.

Dearest Jack, 

I suppose by this time you are over the effects of the eye drops. It makes some folks sort of sick like cocaine does but I hope you had no ill effect. It is not surprising if your eyes do no need assistance for a while and if the Dr. advises you not to use them as much as you are doing save the eyes and be a tourist instead of a student. You know college this year is just optional, but I am so glad of your companionship with the boys – and all your interests there but the number of credits is not essential. 

Since you say not to worry about the cold I take to be about like Gainsville and when it is 40 to 55 I realize what our homes would feel like without heater at that figure. 

Have you worn your “wools” yet? That laundry proposition is fine. I really am happy that you are with Mrs. Ramsm. Is she well now? Congratulate Bob on his being elected V.P. of Glee Club for me. 

Today Papa asked for the blue sweater and he surely looks comfortable in it and a pair of warm Hamelton tweed trousers. We sure have had to hop into winter wear early. Pa has been wearing wool underwear a couple of weeks but he looks find and I believe is heavier than for a long while. The wool is really a safeguard against lumbago. He has not felt it at all this year and an ounce of protection will be fine. We are all unusually well. Aunt Sue and all, but maybe we are not busy?? The [unreadable] will likely go away in December. They are making purchases and getting ready. Tonight Aunts Helen Blair came home + tomorrow night Aunt Helen is entertaining about same event Aunt E did in fall. Camp people and a few from [unreadable].

We have not had a word from Aunt Frances since her return. I am just wondering if she really liked her trip and Florida. Do you suppose she took a few $ along to buy sand? Also I am wondering if any Mexican pesos will chrome Florida $. I suppose that estate is settled. We really know nothing of the affairs we should be told about. We surely will never keep you boys in ignorance of our affairs – if we ever have any. Your Pa is delighted that you are interested in the Episcopal service and I can’t wait until I see those pictures. 

Just nothing could be more welcome. How did you hear of that photograph? Is Harris Sims at U of Fl? Isn’t Dr. Scotts brother at Stake? Do they raise pecans there – that mean G? Write when your eyes permit and know we ware thinking of you all the time and so happy you are well and comfortable. Am Ma. 

Be very particular about fitting of spectacles pairs not to have pressure where it is uncomfortable. 

I did not have to have my glasses changed either. They are a wonderful comfort to me. 

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