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December 16, 1926.

Dear Jack: -

Why not write to me What have you been doing with yourself? I am glad Aunt Helen is feeling better. Give her my love and ask her to tell me what she wants for Christmas - you tell me too. I got my report today “C” in Gym “A” in Algebra “B” in Latin, English and Biology. I got 100 in Algebra for a period test and “C” in Latin – that’s what brought my mark down. “A” in Biology test and “A-” in English, “B” in Mechanical drawing - “strong native ability” which I get from Dad. This is my first year at it too – taking second year work. “B” in Manual Training. 

I handed in my verse for assistant [unreadable] manager at N.D. - hope I get it, although I can’t be manager until I am a senior. If I don’t get A.T.M. this year I will stand a good chance for it next year - leading up to managership in senior year - which means my letter - UD. I guess this is only way I will ever get it. 

After Christmas I am going (I mean it) to fix up the cellar in a room for Dad’s (again here →) paints, Mother’s vegetables and preserves and my workshop plan. 

[room drawing] 

I am going to make it out of gypsum board or sheet rock or some other is plenty in the cellar and shop (Dads) all sorts of nails – my own labor cost will by $10.00 at very most probably $5on maple [unreadable]. I am going to have pennants and stuff all around the room including a rabbit ^ skin from one that Dad shot. I tanned it myself and its just like cloth – the hide I mean. The fur is soft and very pretty. All I did was scrape the meat and fat off with a knife  - after I stretched it with pins, fur down, on a piece of heavy card - board - pins all around edge - about two dozen. Then I left it out in shed and forgot it for a couple of days. Then I brought it out in the that night and left in the shed - about three days later I looked at it and it seemed to be dry so I took it off and I looked at it – Surprises!! It was soft as anything I have it now in the kitchen. I’ll show it to you when you come home in Spring. If I get another one next year I (mother) can make a fur hat or gloves out of it. 

I surely made out on squash and apples this year – about $5.00 worth. Easy money, I calls it. I husked my popcorn and am saving two good ears for seed – I also have crookneck squash - white squash - and some yellow ^ nice pumpkin seeds for next year. I sold a “Post” to one lady and got an order for a pie pumpkin too – already yet. Besides my seed corn - I  have some (about a dozen) smaller and less perfect ears for eating – I’ll send one to Paul for Xmas if another lot goes. 

Topsy and little brown puppy are all right but  Bob is a little sick. We sold all little ones. 

We had to buy for Biology an insect coal but I thought your old one would do. Although I ordered one of the others for $.90 Another Surprise!!! Its about two + ½ x 1 feet with smooth cotton on a a black sides – about an inch + ½ thick – dandy for the money. I can use it at camp, too. I have about 20 specimens including a squash bag which nobody else has in close, that I got off a squash in my harden. I will get more specimens in the spring. 

Last night and yesterday I made $5.60 on subscriptions – 9 of ‘em! Pretty good, eh? Everyone is new, too I have gotten about 31 Curtis Subs. this year and about 25 others non-Curtis. I made about (I think) $20.00 on subscriptions this year and ^ way over half of’em were new ones. I covered every house in Park, OCrhard Ave, this section of Yeadon, Bailey Road, and W. Raymond Evans new house on the other side of CHurch lane. I have a lot of promises for ^ renewals and others, too. Write addresses and dates in a notebook. 

Write soon



[Pg.1: It snowed today just a thin layer about an inch. We had a real snow about two weeks ago. Almost four or five inches. It is getting cold now alright, alright. Brrrrrrr!] 

[Pg. 2: If I have room will send rabbit skin – just a small piece that tore off. Don’t lose it and send it back. Please. So long xxxxxx etc.] 

[Pg. 3: I have been writing about an hour! Whoever heard of such a thing 6 sides – WOW]

[Pg. 4: Look for pinholes in rabbit skin all around edge] 

[Pg. 5: Am enclosing a “slick” drawing I made in school. By the way I sent Bob Cohen one negative that I found in my letter box. DId you print them there? Thought you did.] 

[Pg. 5: I miss you a lot - I have no one here but Morty to punch and he’s never home. 

Counted stamps – 2100 Foreign Didn’t count U.S. about 500)

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