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December 14, 1926.

Dearest Jack, 

Your box went Saturday - hope it arrives O.K. It is a little bit early Merrie Xmas but wanted it to go before rush. Do not buy things there + send us - tell Aunt Helen that too - the postage + risk is so great. I am sending in Post for Pa + LHJ as I suggested. Am afraid to wait later. Rec’d Helen’s list yesterday and will attend to it pronto. Herman is getting wonderful commissions from Curtis this year which makes that very nice.

The ins. Has arrived and is ready any time so don not let that be on your mind - 3 days for your letter + 5 for mine when you need it. I hated to be too sure until it came actually but it is safely here  + [unreadable]. I can not find crime procedure book so it must be at Hammonton. I have looked everywhere and I don’t think you loaned it to any one else did you? 

Write me a long letter - am sending some clippings. We are all well and busy. 

Love to all,

Your Ma. 

Did you see Dec. LHJ – all Sonlen. H. got them subs and nice letter again incld. 2 renewals later in year. Second part is engaged. 



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