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November 2, 1920.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


Dearest K,

I am so terribly sorry about the ivy – don’t tell me that you are going to have as bad a time as you did last year. It is so much later surely you won’t. Don’t work too hard Sweetheart + do get out some, for remember the old adage – it is an old one but a good one. U. didn’t say anything about Mr. Grouch. Does he still intend closing or is it just bluff, because he is too lazy to get more work. I wouldn’t depend on him a second longer if I could do better. How about the New Orleans place? Wasn’t it permanent?

I haven’t done anything interesting lately except work. It surely does pile up in a little while. Just in the little while I worked I got behind several plates and it always seems a longer time + harder work when one is behind.

The dance wasn’t interesting at all. Every body would get stuck and the music wasn’t very “peppy”.

Yes, I know that I am terrible about leaving words + letters out too but excuse me on this time and I will try to be more careful.

The candy surely does taste good especially after receiving an empty box last week. It was quite a joke on me but I think I was real nice about it. U. are a Dear to send it + I surely do appreciate it.

Well “good nite” Sweet Boy – Don’t work to hard + write soon to,


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