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May 27, 1921.


Dearest Sweetheart

Suppose U. think that I have quite forgotten that I owe U. a letter but it is not that at all. Just have many things to see about before I leave. Yes I have arranged every thing to go home. The position I waited over to see about can wait until fall so I am going home for three months.

The candy came Sweetheart and I tasted it just a sample, as I am going to save it for my trip, it is awfully good and I know that I shall enjoy it. U needn’t bother about getting different kinds so often. I always enjoy Whitman’s.

Saw an awfully good play called “Lillwin” Tues. night and that complete my round of gaycities. Some round.

I leave here tomorrow night and arrive in Atlanta Mon. morning. I intend stopping over to see about a position so I suppose I will get into Macon late Mon. afternoon.

Will write again as soon as I get home. Hope that U. enjoy your trip to Indiana. Write me all about it.

Lots of Love As Ever,


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