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May 18, 1934.

Miskolc May 18, 1934

I‘m a bit upset, but now I noticed that auntie Elly is also upset. Today after the class I wanted to learn a bit more but didn’t manage after all as I was playing instead, that’s why the books stayed downstairs in the garden shed. But as I was playing ping-pong with my mum, suddenly dark thundercloud appeared and everyone grabbed what they could and ran into the house. I had to take the school books, ink, (?)… cup, the crayons and couldn’t of course carry everything and asked my aunt to help me carry which she promised to do. But she did not. Dizci bácsi said even that I was lazy because I had left all the things lying around downstairs. I came upstairs very upset and told my mummy how upset I was that no one would do anything for me. Mother came downstairs with me after that and wanted to help me, in the end Dizci bácsi got my things and brought them upstairs which made me happy. As my mum told my aunt what I had said, my auntie burst into tears and said that since my mother had arrived, I had been only complaining about her. Mum replied that she had not noticed that and she was right. And I could apologize and my auntie forgave me.

That’s the way it is

In life, small thieves

get hanged, big thieves

are left unpunished.

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