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May 15, 1922.

Sunday Afternoon

Well Sweetheart,

I did let yesterday slip by without writing but I was just terribly busy. Last night I went to see smiled through “Norma Talmage played in it and I enjoyed it very much indeed.

This morning I went to Sunday school + church. How is that for one Sunday. It is Mother’s Day that is the main reason:

Now Sweetheart if U. are working so hard I won’t expect U. to answer all the letters but I would love for U. to very much. I am lonesome for U. this afternoon and surely do wish that U. were here.

Did I tell U. that Odessa wasn’t coming until the last of June.

So U. think that I looked bad in the picture every body thought that it was a good of me. ‘Cause I am not real thin. Good thing that I feel good.

By by Loads of Love


P.S. When is your picture coming

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