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May 13, 1920.

Ft. Bliss, Tex

Dear Mother

Your last letter arrived a week ago but we have been doing some hard travelling and I was not able to answer till now. I don’t remember whether I told you or not that we are on our way to San Antonio, “hiking it”. We expect to reach San Antonio in about ten days from now. We have already gone about 500 miles and have got about 150 left. We will have good roads now all the way to San Antonio. There certainly are some terrible roads or rather lack of roads between here and El Paso. To get across the Pecos River I had to drive my motorcycle across the Pecs railroad bridge. It’s 320 feet high, the third highest bridge in the world.

We have our mail brought to us by airplane but it comes irregularly. I think I will be sent to Camp Vail as soon as we reach San Antonio. It is getting pretty warm down here now and I iwll be glad to get away.

We have been on the road about a month now. We left El Paso the 16th of April and arrived here the 11th of May. We leave this town tomorrow morning at 1 o’clock. I have had it pretty easy on this hike on account of my driving a motorcycle.

I will certainly be glad when I reach S.A. though. We will be stationed at Camp Travis. They have wooden cantroments there which will be much better than the little shacks we had a t Ft. Bliss.

How is the oil business coming on. Have they found anything in that well yet?

It is getting so hot in my little “pup” tent that I will have to get out. Write soon,


Co. C 7th F.S.B.

Camp Travis, Tex

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