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March 7, 1919.

Dearest Bess, 

Last night between the hours of eleven and twelve I wrote you a very nasty letter and was ashamed to mail it so I make another trial. Often I am blue but seldom do I think of scolding you just because I am blue. It would be very mean of me to say mean things to you when you are always ready to cheer me. 

Yesterday I had a day off. This was my fourth day off since I left France. I took a boat ride up the Rhine for about thirty five miles. There was no excitement and the scenery was not out of the ordinary nevertheless a day’s outing was worth while. What added the most to my trip was writing another old friend. We surely met on the Rhine as we were on the boat between the Kaiser’s Castle and the Rock of Loreley. I enjoyed talking over old times with him very much. At one time we were in love with sisters. He married his and as for me and mine – well you have heard the story once before. We arrived back in Coblez at 3:30 in the afternoon. Went to the movies, after supper, and then saw the Vaudeville. 

This boy happens to be home with wife soon and is going to tell my home folks all about seeing me. The Chaplain that came to see me is back in the Lone Star State and my folks expect to see him soon. I know that they are glad to see someone whos left me on the Rhine. 

Now I hope to send you someone soon who has seen me lately. E.H. #4 leaves tomorrow. I am going over to see them tonite. Stanley is worried at me because I have written that he is coming but I am certain that his people will learn it thru the papers. If they haven’t, say no more to them about it as he wishes to take them by surprise. He has promised to visit you. It would be nice if I could come with him wouldn’t it? I would certainly be willing to go believe me. 

Bess, I am a soldier out of luck. I have been very crass lately and have cause to be. You people are told that the soldiers over here are well satisfied. Have you little enough reason and common sense to believe it? People are very easily fooled but surely you have learned by this time to not believe anything you hear and only half that you see. As for myself. I am living very good infact better than I ever have in the army but this is since I came to this organization. I work hard but am interested in the work and have no kick in that way. What gets our goat is some of the wild assertations that some of the A.E.F. make on their return to the States. 

Say Bess, what do you mean by this? Is 58 as high as you can go? Yesterday I received the third letter numbered “58”. I have no room to criticise tho as I could not remember any farther than the 3rd. You have done very good at remembering those numbers so long. You know I accused you of skipping numbers now you are evening up with me. You also kept sending them until you proud to have written all. You are a little dear anyway. 

Well I must go for chow, will finish later.  

Sat. Afternoon: Well I was longer getting back to this than I expected. Last night I went over and bade old E.H. #4 “farewell”. They left today. Stanley was not in the humor that I expected to find him. He was all out of sorts just because there were a few pieces of his wearing apparel and some souvenirs that they wouldn’t allow him to carry home. Believe me if I had his opportunity I wouldn’t fuss about what they made me leave in Germany. Stanley is worse than a girl about some little things like that. 

Capt. Satter  was out of luck. His year in A.E.F. will be up Monday. Had #4 gone Monday instead of Sat. he would now be on his way home. Just missed it by two days. Yes I saw what Capt. wrote on the letter to your mother. This was just happen – so all he noticed was that it was the same address. He thought the letter was to you. I miss him now as he stayed with #22 who relieved #4. He was always very good to censor my mail even before it was written.  

I went to see my Carolina Capt. last night. He is no [unreadable] of #4. One of the guys gave my mick pal and myself a Brownie so you may expect some snapshots soon. I never expected to be seen in the States again so I’ll send lots of pictures. 

Received a nice letter from the Newhards in Allentown. They are promising me lots of good times on my return. 

With love to all,


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