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July 9, 1919.

Dear Bess, 

I have written most every body but you today so i feel that i might as well complete the days work. I spent Sun. and Monday with my friend who is in the Marine Corp. Went in the right time as he is to leave for the STates about the 16th. I surely envy him but guess that he deserves to go more than I as he wears twice as many service stripes as I. This leaves me to be the last of the home boys to return. And next to the first to leave as the Captain left a few weeks before I. 

Am going to quite writing about returning for it seems that I never will. I know that it must get old to hear me put it off a month longer in every letter but it isn’t half so old to you as it is to me. Really I know that it will be September before you see me. That is my best hope and very worse are when I am old and gray. 

Received good letters from Ima and mother. Had there been one from Bess it would have been complete. They were telling all about the memorial services at Sleepy Hollow. Now I guess it isn’t so sleepy after all eh! Ima is doing very well. She has a good at one hundred fifty per to go around and tell the old folks how to keep the boys down on the farm after seeing Paris. She is getting herself a roadster – Fords are very popular with our family so it seems. Guess we will [unreadable] about all over the States when we go down on that – honey moon won’t we? 

The folks are very anxious for my return and I get blue when I read their letters. I guess it is hard for them to understand why I am so long returning but there are lots about the army that you people fail to understand. Am just out-o-oluck is all I can say. I just work on and let it have its course and the times for me to start up the gangplank seem a long time coming. I fear that I will have trouble getting mustered out in the East but will do my best. Am going to try to arrange for such on this side. 

Well Bess, how are all you anyway? All these letters seem as tho they are to you alone but with each I intend to send my best regards and sweet rememberances to each of your. It was not you alone who used to make things so pleasnt for me every one of you did your part. Often I think of each of you. I wonder just what you are doing, how much you have changed, ec. Something tells me that I am not forgotten and that there is a welcome waiting for me. 

If you continue to win such a reputation with the folks at home you will have to go to Texas to live. 

They think you are the greatest girl I ever had. When they meet you I am sure they will not be disappointed for you are all and more than you pretend to be. Ima surely appreciated the graduation present which you girls sent her. They are also very pleased to receive your interesting and sweet letters. 

Here is lots of love to you and all the folks, 

Sincerely yours,

Jess MCook 

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