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August 1, 1919.

Dear Bess; 

This is not the first letter I have written saying that I expected to be with you soon but hope that this time we will not be disappointed as we have been here-to-fore. Just Now I have great hopes of leaving Germany about next Thursday Aug. 7th. Yes, I admit that it seems untrue but this time it is real. I feel sure that I will be out of the service by Sept. 1st. And will see you soon afterwards for I have made arrangements to be sent to Camp Dix N.J. anyway. I have a new job as I got attached to headquarters in order that I might be sent to Camp Dix. There is  lots of work to be done in preparation for an early return. 

Have not heard from you since my last letter. Received mail today which was only one letter from my big Bud. I hope to hear from you one more time before starting on that long journey towards home. If I do not I will not worry for I hope to give you an opportunity to tell me more than you ever write within a few weeks. Get ready to have a big time for  I am going to turn myself aloose when I once get free. Am not going to say just what you should expect but I know that I will be just like a bird out of a cage. I regret that I am not getting back in time to be with you on your vacation but we will continue your vacation between working hours. 

Well Bess, this has been a long time to be away from you but I have never been tempted to forget you. Am going to return expecting to find that our love has grown with the time of separation. All that I have to offer you is true love and am sure of the same in return. No doubts you will find many changes in me but trust that they all will not be for the worse. For some time I know that I am going to be somewhat restless and dissatisfied but hope to soon settle down. No one know but what it will take you to settle me and I feel sure that I would make no mistake were I to let you settle me. Now I won’t say just how big a mistake you would be making. 

With lots of love to all the folks, I remain, 

Sincerely yours,


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