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March 4, 1922.


My Dearest Sweetheart,

Guess what I did! Bought “Souvenir” by Elman and Of course!! Have been thinking of U. all day. Had I told U. that we have a victrola in our apartment. Yes and it surely does a great deal towards entertaining us. We enjoy it ever so much and don’t see how we could possibly have done without as long as we have.

I certainly don’t have any news to write all I do is work and go home. I did get to a show night before last. Eats is West came through and I loved it so till I went to see it again. It was almost initially the same cast. Only one was different and that was the leading man. At least he was the only one I could detect.

Do U. really think that I will make the change to Ohio? Do U. know that there is better prospects there? If possible I would investigate the place first and not let Bates know any thing about it. I don’t think that it is ever wise to give your Boss and information of that kind till U. know something definitely. Of course just give him due notice as any one would do any time. If the prospects are better I say go any time although U. will be further away from me than ever. Although this far doesn’t do any good. ‘Cause U. are not near enough to come often. Can’t U. come over for a week and some time before long? Try to any way Sweetheart. By by loads of Love to U.


Please excuse pencil. I am at the store.

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