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March 24, 1921.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


Dearest Sweetheart,

How I do wish that U. were here tonight. I am rather lonesome as seems to be my usual state lately. I will have Easter Holiday beginning tomorrow and we could have such a lovely time together. I am really terribly sorry that the accident is costing U. so much but just can't blame any body except the fates and we mustn’t blame them. So as U. say just grin + bare it and don’t let Jack pay it. He is just that kind U. know.

I haven’t heard from Odessa + Mella either in some time. Odessa is terribly busy and I suppose that Mella is too.

U. are an angel for sending me Whitman’s and I am this minute enjoying some of it. My!! But it purely is good.

Must close now and go to sleep as I am tired + sleepy too.

Lots of Love, As Ever,


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