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March 14, 1920.

Bristow, Iowa

Mar. 14, 1920

Dear Uffe and Jennie: -

I have written a letter to Katie Isder (Kielman) Stop! Get Tillie over here! Now for another scratch. I also wrote one to Besie on this paper and I wrote three sides full of very fine writing so I don’t feel like writing another long one. Excuse paper but I finished my tablet on Katie’s letter and must use this now. It’s better than store paper + shows we have a little more laid by than you, get me? Were not to church today as Arius + Ed didn’t feel well. Rather provoking to me but I hate to go alone with a team. Ed is here for a while maybe a month or two to help Arius as he is not able to much. He can do more right along now but hasn’t regained all his strength. He sure was quite sick for a week there _ time that his fevers would go down or I’m afraid he wouldn’t have got well. They say if fevers aren’t down the 9th day it is beyond help. His fevers weren’t below 100 for a week I think. In time of sickness a man finds out who his friends are and we found out that Hersheys did more for us than any one else + after to help now yet. So the other day I went over to talk to Mrs. a little while. First time in all these 3 years I wanted to ask about getting eggs from Lela. She has such lovely R.J. Reds, they say. We intend to spend an evening with them some time. Stub to Geo. Dickman did our chores while Arius was sick. Tillie sure misses her little girl now and takes it so hard. Boy also talks about her a great deal. It’s so hard for them + so much harder because they didn’t doctor for the right disease. They were here this evening and now Ed + Arius are at the hogs yet so I’ll write awhile before retiring. They are back and report 3 little pugs. The first of the season. Now we must retire + I’ll try to finish by installments soon.

Mon eve. I suppose I ought to finish this letter this eve before I am tired + feel like retiring and all the rest are sleeping already and I suppose its best for me cause last night was 11:30 by the time we slept since they were at the hogs so long but I shall write a little stroke anyway. I have been crocheting this eve. 1 more evening of crocheting will finish my 4 curtains. Then I have that piece in between to make yet. Have the marquisette at home to make them up. Haven’t accomplished much today it seems altho I’m tired. Helped with the sows a long while this forenoon. Have 16 penned up now + sure is a palace according to our old hog shed. It looks so nice to see 8 in a row with 2 sows now. That’s pretty good. We are milking 8 now, two fresh this last week. Heard you didn’t have much luck with your cows. Am getting alrite with a few eggs lately 66-73-66 is the record the last 3 evenings. See 5 hens + get eggs from Mrs. Brown again. I can get eggs from Lela so perhaps I won’t have to set any of my own eggs. (The income tax report most [unreadable] Arius ins and last week. We had to pay $85. We sure go to the poor house.) Expect 2 colts within a couple of weeks. If weather stays this way its almost time on the field + plant a few potatoes.. I intend to plant during oat sowing time or immediately after. I always plant them then. Haven’t started house cleaning + am not near thru sewing. I guess the flu but us back 2 to 3 weeks in our work but that will come alright I guess. I am thankful that we all lived thru it and are able to work again. I intend to come [unreadable] this spring but it seems like that time don’t come. I’ll try to come while Ed is here yet so it won’t be so lonesome for Arius. The roads must be car road to [unreadable] too or else I can’t come so well. We might come 1 day + go back the next. I don’t know how we’ll manage it yet. Baby sure is the limit. So healthy + fat now + mischievous is hardly a word for it. I must quit for tonight. It’s 9:10.

Tues morning. Just up at 10 to 6 + shall try to finish this letter while making tea. Don’t it a terrible wind we’re having. It almost scares me sometimes. I’m afraid it will bring bad weather. I don’t have to wash this week. Washed that lovely Tuesday last week also did the ironing + some mending. Was so tired at night. Yesterday we moved the separator + I cleaned it thoroughly. Brushed every piece and scrubbed the stand + milk house floor thoroughly. Shelled 2 loads of corn last week + sold it. Now I have some dandy cobs. Will bring them to the wood shed as soon as chickens eat them off a little. Made ice cream [unreadable] My flowers are lovely still. Have had at least 100 more blooming all the time this winter. I guess you’ll have to be satisfied with a 2 page letter altho I wrote Bessie 3 pages and I ought to treat my sisters alike, what? Found 20 lbs. Honey in the old house. It’s almost gone not but we are a little (sat) of it now too. Well I must close.

So long

With love


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