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February 21, 1921.

Bristow, Ida.


Dear Uffe + Jennie:-

Thot of writing to you last Sunday but you would probably of gotten it on Tuesday + I thot you’d be so busy sweeping, dusting, moping, wiping + shining things up in your already clean house that you wouldn’t have time to read my letter or at least be thinking of that chair that had to be dusted yet or that table cover that had to be straightened or a photo to be set here or something or other so I wrote to Bess last Sunday instead. Suppose you heard all the news about us Tues. anyway and know that Rev. Rindler was our guest over Sunday. He went home in the eve with D. Harken’s from Ap. Thot sure we’d get company from S. today but No it’s to be a “June Day” is anybody from there comes. Roads sure improved the last few days. Are fine here. Arius dragged our mile here Fri. + its real dusty today. Wrote to Bess last Sun. to take a day off this week + come but maybe they will come this coming week. You better come a day soon. If you wait until the “babe” arrives (I better say “babe” as I doubt its a boy) you’ll probably have little chicks + flocks of hens setting so that you can’t get away any more.

We sure won’t care if “its” a girl if we love her as much as Meta. Meta sure became quite a friend of Rev.last Sun. morn here sat Rev. with Meta in her nightie on his lap chatting away to beat the land _ she hadn’t seen him Sat. eve any more either so didn’t even know there was a stranger in the house until morning.

Wasn’t Tuesday a good spring day.I washed and also did some of the ironing. Thot it was quite smart for me. Have most of my infant sewing done including a little quilt, pads for the cab, etc. Have washed + looked over + ironed all of Meta’s first clothes so everything is spic + span + sanitary. Have lost my baby dress patterns, I guess and hate to bother you to cut it off for me again but certainly will appreciate it a great deal as I ought to sew a dress or two yet. The one with the round yoke. Just cut it off below the armhole as the rest is straight + it won’t be so bulky in the envelope + I have the sleeve pattern so don’t bother about that. If you like to send a “fat” letter why just write a good big letter as I would appreciate that more than that extra piece of paper on that pattern. I intend to get right down to work this week to make every day dresses for myself + Meta for summer. Then pretty soon I’ll have to be thinking of cleaning house. Have my wallpaper here and also varnish so I’ll soon varnish the wood work in the bedroom + then the first part of March we’ll paper it but sitting room will wait a little longer, I think so it won’t get so smoky again before summer. Intend to set a batch of hens in 2 weeks or so so I’ll have them hatch the latter part of March. That isn’t too early as a rule. Have 3 broody hens now and believe I’ll leave them set so long as I might not have very many then yet otherwise. Am getting between 30 + 40 eggs a day but at this price isn’t much in it anyway. Wish I had a fence around the lawn so I could put about 20 of my best pullets in here and set from those eggs. Sure have some fine thorough-bred R.I. Red pullets + the cocks are giants. Am going to weigh one of them some day.

Have that lace done long ago that I had there only the fringe. Dona hasn’t got the directions for that yet. Also have 1 bootee done + most of the medallion for the other one. Sure looks nifty. Arius was to the dentist Monday. Goes again tomorrow. Perhaps finishes them. Must have a pulled. Do you feel for him too? I advise him to have them pulled rather than let them in there as they may cause trouble some day even if they don’t bother him now. Are you thru at the dentist?

Quite an experience you had with the neighbor, what? Such is life, “He how has no foes has no friends.”

Have some lovely geraniums blooming, also carnations, primrose + several others.

Today, Tom + Bess are celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary. Rubber, what? Wish I could stretch a piece over there and then let it go here, what? I’m afraid it would cause quite a sting. Must quite right away or I’ll think of some more + I consider 7 pages enough for anybody. Well, so long.


Tillie Keilman + her husband are keeping house for Folkert Folkerts. The housekeeper he had there about 2 wks. Ago. Tillie really has no place to go + no one wants her when she expects to be sick. Suppose her folks will take her tho.

Meta always must write when we do + she wants to send her letter to you so badly so I’ll enclose it. I say it’s pretty good for a 3 yr. Old.

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